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Why BTST Trading Strategy is The Right Method for You

What is a “Buy-Sell” Strategy?

Buy-Sell relies on the fact that stocks will fluctuate during most times of the year, but you usually cannot predict which ones will increase and decrease, so this strategy might be expensive because it involves purchasing different stocks.

However, in general, if a stock does not fluctuate (like IBM) then this strategy can be more efficient because there would be much less risk.

What Draws Investors to a “Buy Today Sell Tomorrow” Strategy?

The Buy Today Sell Tomorrow strategy is attracting more investors as the stock market has risen steadily. Investors use this tactic with their stocks to lock in the profits they have made over a short period of time and be able to avoid prolonged losses if something bad occurs with the company or market suddenly.

If you are already making money, then it might not be worth the risk while waiting for a higher return on your investment.

To minimize downside exposure of your portfolio throughout a protracted rally, one way to play it would be hush size down exposure through hard-selling stocks for quick gains and deep value-added trading. This is especially important when we begin articulating bull exhaustion indicators, like deteriorating pitch efficiency or new money buyers piling into unusually high volume sales blocks

Issues Around a “Buy-Sell” Strategy

It may not be advisable to transact rapidly through some investment decision because of the risk involved.

Self-diversification is a more recommended course of action. It reduces the general volatility in an investor’s portfolio and there is a lower risk of losing share value. What does this mean? Basically, if you invest in two or three different stocks (instead of buying high-risk stocks with limited liquidity), you will be less susceptible to sudden changes in pricing found in single stocks due to negligence or economic shifts.

Conclusion And Advice – Invest With Prudence

Investing, while it has its risks, is still very much necessary and without it, we can’t build safeguards that allow our businesses to grow. And with various risk/reward options available on the stock market, cautious investors need not worry as they have a lot of different tactics up their sleeves to prevent full on losses or just losses in general. In conclusion, applying safety nets and using patience are standard precautions that help most investors be confident in their choices.

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Marc Rich (born Marcell David Reich; December 18, 1956 – June 26, 2013) international commodities trader, hedge fund manager, financier, and businessman.
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